Services Provided
We can do as much or as little as you need.

Nail Clipping
No appointment needed.
Please call ahead to assure a groomer is available.
Be sure to ask for "nail grinding" (at an additional charge) to smooth the rough edges of the freshly trimmed nails and further shorten them. The process also encourages the a shortening of the 'quick' for shorter, neater nails.
Nails, on average, should be trimmed ever six weeks.

Need a little help between grooms? Feel free to schedule just a brush-out to keep your four legged friend tangle free.

Includes nails trimmed, ears cleaned, anal glands emptied, and light brushing.
Bathing can be done as often as weekly.

Bath and Trim
Includes the above plus clipping of belly, sanitary, and pads, trimming of face, eye area, and feet. No body clipping.

Includes above services plus complete haircut. Style to be determined by owner and groomer.
It's recommended that most pet breeds be groomed at least every six weeks.

Please allow us as much time as needed with your pet to insure a quality, stress-free service. Each pet has different needs and we cant always predict exactly how long it may take. We like to have plenty of time to fit some kisses in also;)  We can only promise in and out service for the first appointments of the day so consider this if time is an issue. 

Includes bath as above, and removal of shedding undercoat. Your pet may continue to shed for several days after this process. This may require more than one visit during the spring and fall. Be sure to ask for our special Deshedding Shampoo for best results (at an additional charge).  
Deshedding is priced by the time spent removing the loose coat.

A service to remove mats and tangled coat.
We discourage this process due to the discomfort and stress on both your pet and the groomer. Some pets may be too matted or sensitive for this process and will be clipped short.
There is an additional charge based on the time it takes to remove all the mats from the coat before the groom can be done.

Matted Stripping also called a "smoothie"
While not ideal, sometimes the pets coat can get out of control. This is a start over. Includes same as groom, but the style will be clipped very short in all areas as needed to remove severe matting.
This service is more common if your pets coat has not been properly maintained over an extended period of time.

Special Shampoos
(for an additional charge)
Oatmeal for an added boost of hydration for healthy skin.
Medicated shampoos are available to treat dry, itchy, and irritated skin, as well as various skin ailments. Two commonly requested shampoos are Sulfur (for seborrhea etc) and Soothe (for itching etc).
Flea shampoo is available by request.  However, if fleas are found on your pet while they're visiting our shop, we are required to give them a flea bath to insure they don't spread to the other pets.
Our Deshed Shampoo helps promote healthier skin and coat to keep the non-seasonal shedding to a minimum.  
Plus many more available

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    Please call at least a couple weeks in advance for grooming,, we book up fast.
    We recommend at least one month advance scheduling for Christmas and Thanksgiving grooming.

We want to insure that you and your pet have a pleasant grooming experience, please let us know if you have any specific needs, so we can schedule accordingly. ​

Upon arrival make sure you take a moment to let your dog use the bathroom in the grassy areas around the shop. Even if "they went at home", car rides commonly stimulate the need to go again. Giving your dog another chance to relieve themselves is a sure way to increase their comfort and familiarize themselves with their surroundings.